Dave Thompson

Dave has performed his stand-up comedy act in forty-eight countries. Known for his one-liners and absurd persona, Dave has written material for many other comics, including Harry Hill, Omid Djalili, and Stewart Lee. He's best-known for having been the actor in the Tinky Winky costume in the world famous TV show 'Teletubbies’.

In the last year he’s had speaking parts in 'The Munsters', a Hollywood feature film, ’The Last Kingdom’ on Netflix, ‘The Continental’, an American drama series, and 'Fallen', an American drama series.

“Dave Thompson is very funny and unique.” Harry Hill.

“One of the best comedians on the comedy circuit.” Stewart Lee.

"Mad comic brilliance." Ben Elton.

“A complete gentleman.” Matt Lucas.

“The weirdest dude on the face of the earth”. (TIME OUT).

“One of the finest joke writers in the country”. (TIME OUT)