Harriet Dyer

Harriet Dyer (as seen on The Russell Howard Hour) is a Cornish comedian, writer and mental health advocate known for her quirky, original and offbeat brand of comedy. She’s written for both seasons of Jon Richardson’s Channel Hopping, Odd Couples, and written and starred in Meet The Richardson’s. She founded the multi award-winning mental health comedy show, ‘Barking Tales’ and her latest solo stand-up show ‘Trigger Warning’ won the Neurodiverse Representation Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It was one of the ‘must see’ shows of the festival, described as “incredible”, ‘hilarious” and “mesmerising” by audiences.

She received 5-star reviews – “This is a fabulous hour from a delightful comedian with a sense of the joyful absurdity of life. Entirely charming” “We shouldn’t underestimate the importance of Harriet Dyer’s show”. One fan said “I came out changed and hopeful…I am in absolute awe”.

Prior to this she has had another three critically acclaimed solo shows at the Festival; two of which were featured on BBC Live At The Fringe. In 2017 she was part of the prestigious Big Value Showcase for Just The Tonic which is an established showcase of the best of the new comedic talent. In 2020 she published her debut book, ‘Bipolar Comedian’ and in 2023 her stand-up for Comedy Central Live will air.