Manuel Wolff

Manuel Wolff has already impressed hundreds of thousands. He has taken part and won the “Master Comedy Slam“ and the “Kabarettbundesliga” (which could be translated as ‘Comedy’s Premiere League’) and has also appeared on German TV shows “Nightwash”, "NDR Comedy Contest“ and "Comedy Lab“. He is a regular performer in theatres and clubs around Europe and he has been booked by AIDA cruises several times.
After a video of his first English performance went viral, he was featured in the 'Laughs in Translation' documentary about Comedy, as the German representative and was asked to do a TedX talk on "creating world peace - one laugh at a time".
Traveling around the world, he learned that laughter is universal and should always be encouraged. On stage the quick witted German is known for his dry observational humour, occasional outbursts of anger and surprising improvisational skills.

Newspaper quotes:
- “hilarious observations and spontaneous ideas, excellent performer!”
- “Dry, minimalistic and laugh-out-loud funny”
- "a whirlwind of comedy“
- “Great entertainer, wonderful and intelligent. Go there and be happy!"