Mike Sheer

Canadian comic Mike Sheer's comedy jumps from light to dark, smart to stupid, low-brow to high.
Audiences are on their toes while laughing off their butts.
With an engaging and affable stage presence, his focus on the moment means he blurs the line between compere and act – happy to give in to sudden crowd-sparked inspiration amongst crisp and gag-heavy routines.

He’s performed in twelve countries and counting. This includes opening, headlining and compering at theatres, clubs and pubs, as well as solo hours and compilations at festivals such as Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe, and Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Screen appearances as a stand-up include MuchMusic (Canada)'s Video On Trial, BBC One's Are You Having a Laugh? - Comedy and Christianity, and Shorts.tv's Shorts International. But his magnum opus is as the kid who gets high and blows his head off in stoner classic Harold & Kumar Get The Munchies – a scene that's since become a cult favourite.