Neil Numb

Neil Numb (SCOTLAND)

International Comic, D.J and promoter, Neil Numb has entertained crowds with his tales of debauchery and penguins for the last 12 years. With a unique style of his own mixing personal tales with absurdist humor, Neil has been one of the pioneers of the Berlin Comedy scene. . He also looks great in a Bikini.

Just back from touring his one-man solo show in Russia "Death by Natural Causes", Neil Numb has performed across Europe including Lisbon, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Edinburgh, and regularly across the thriving Berlin comedy scene and has performed private gigs in Melbourne Australia.

Co-Organizer of the legendary Cosmic Comedy Club in Berlin and at Cosmic Comedy at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

Neil also runs the Berlin Chili Festival.

Neil Numb has warmed up for comedy legends such as Ardal O'Hanlon, Judah Friedlander, Josie Long, Dharmander Singh. Nik Coppin, Danny O'brien, Ger Stanton and many more at Cosmic Comedy Club Berlin

"Celts' gallows humor tickles the Germanic funny bone" ~ Herald Scotland

"Surprisingly punctual" ~ Comedy in English Berlin

"Colossally drunk, even when sober" ~ Sunday Times

"Friendly and fun comedy with splatterings of aggression" ~ Dharmander Singh