Rogier Bak

Though he is Dutch, Rogier has worked diligently over the years to make sure you could never tell. With his formative years all spent in the United States, he feels like a foreigner in his home country.

Tackling whatever medium he can get his hands on, from the stand-up stage to TikTok videos, podcasts to writing, he embraces the high-paced environment we find ourselves in. Having gone through some pivotal changes over the past year and a half, both in his personal life and in his perspective on the world, he has started to embrace the spirit of not caring what others say, moving at a fast pace, creating without doubting himself in order to keep moving at a fast pace.

Over the first few months of 2021, he amassed a pretty sizable following on social media with his videos on the Dutch language, culture, his perspective on American life, accents, and impressions.