Trevor Lock

On TV, Trevor Lock has starred in all three seasons of BAFTA nominated and British Comedy Award winning Star Stories , both seasons of BBCs TMWRNJ with Lee and Herring and the Steve Coogan produced Brain Candy. As a stand-up he’s toured with with Stewart Lee, Russell Brand and Paul Foot and let his spare room out to James Acaster and Josh Widdecombe. He’s addressed The Oxford Union on The Meaning of Life. He runs an ongoing mental health and creativity workshop called Reality Games and a writing workshop for comedians called Joke Hospital.

The Scotsman have described his work as ‘Funny, moving and clever.’ TimeOut, simply as ‘hilarious’ and culture website Spoonfed thought he could ‘probably win an award for the most laughs in a minute.’ London Is Funny wrote “He has a totally unique wellspring of material. In a different class really.” The Sunday Times wrote of the ‘superbly comic writing’ of his plays on the Edinburgh Fringe. Kate Moss simply said “He walks like Dudley Moore and he talks like Peter Cook.”

Most of his recent shows are now free form improvised “events” or happenings such as Community Circle “the most fun you can have without taking your clothes off.” The Mirror, Girl v Boy “The way forward for identity politics” The Scotsman, We Are Each Other ****The Guardian and The Most Interesting Person in The Room “the most masterful interaction between professional comedian and audience that you will see.” The Scotsman.